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Return of goods

If you are not satisfied with the goods you ordered, the Consumer protection act allows you the return the goods within 15 days for any reason. Within 15 days of receiving the goods, you must notify the supplier that you wish to return them. You must then return the goods within 30 days of notifying the supplier. All items must be returned undamaged in the original packaging, with all manuals, warranty certificates and a copy of the bill. Returns are not possible for consumables, software, books, if the original packaging or safety seal has been removed. All costs of returning the goods are covered by the buyer. The supplier will refund your money within fifteen days of receiving the returned goods.


If the goods delivered by the supplier are not those ordered by the buyer (different colour, different quantity etc.), the buyer may make a complaint within 8 days and demand that the goods be replaced.

If making a complaint, the buyer is entitled to request a replacement, repair or refund. For refunds, the supplier may charge rent for the time that the goods were used by the buyer, but only up to the amount that the market price of the goods decreased while they were used by the buyer.

Return of damaged shipments

If the package is physically damaged, shows signs of having been opened, or is missing some items, the buyer must make a complaint with the Slovenian Post or the delivery service company that delivered the goods. The package should be returned in the state the buyer received it, along with a filled-out complaint form.


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