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All purchases you make will be delivered to the address you specify. The supplier must deliver the goods or services in the promised time.

Shipping fees and delivery are listed next to each product. The product will be delivered to the provided address by the supplier using their own delivery service or via a separate delivery service company.

  • If you purchase products from multiple suppliers, you will pay multiple shipping fees and receive multiple packages. You may also receive the packages on different dates.


  • If you buy all products from the same supplier, the highest listed shipping fee will be charged. No shipping fees will be charged for other products purchased from the same supplier.

    A link to products by the same supplier is provided next to each product. This allows you to choose among products offered by a particular supplier.

    Most products are shipped the next working day after the order has been received. If a product is not currently in stock, an expected delivery date will be listed next to it. If the product is no longer available at all, the supplier will inform you of this via the delivery service provider.

    The delivery service provider varies from supplier to supplier, as does the amount of time needed to deliver your order.

    If a product can be delivered abroad, this will be listed next to the product.

    Deliveries are made before noon, so it is recommended that your delivery address is one where you will be available before noon. This can also be the address of your workplace. If you are not at the delivery address when the delivery is made, the delivery service will leave you a message with instructions on how to receive your order. It is also recommended that you provide a phone number where you can always be reached (for instance, your mobile phone) when placing your order. If desired, deliveries can be scheduled before 10am or after 4pm.

    If you require any additional information, you may phone us at: 04 530 28 28 or e-mail us at info@sloveniashop.net. For specific questions regarding deliveries, please contact the product suppliers.

    Returns of damaged shipments

    If the package is physically damaged, has been previously opened or some items are missing, the buyer must make a complaint with the delivery service company. This is done by bringing the package to the delivery service company in the same state it was received by the buyer (without adding or removing anything) and by filling out a complaint form. The supplier and the delivery service will attempt to solve each complaint in the shortest possible time.


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