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General terms and conditions

The Sloveniashop online store is managed by the company Acenta d.o.o. All terms and conditions are in compliance with the Consumer protection act.

The online store is managed by the company Acenta d.o.o.

The company Acenta d.o.o. is an intermediary between buyers and sellers.



On registration, the user receives a username (e-mail address) and password. The username and password identify the user and connect him or her with relevant data. Registration allows the user to:

  • view and edit personal
  • view past purchases
  • view past comments and opinions
  • see the current status of incomplete orders
  • view and edit delivery addresses
  • see the status of the account
  • purchase used equipment
  • receive notices regarding news, specials and new additions for a particular area


  • purchase gift vouchers


    Payment options

    The Sloveniashop online store allows the following payment options:


  • credit or debit card (Activa, Maestro, Master card, Visa, Visa Electron),


  • money transfers to the supplier's account (following an offer or pro-forma invoice),


  • on receipt of goods


    All prices include VAT unless specifically stated otherwise.


    All prices are valid at the moment the order is submitted. They may change without warning.

    Prices are valid for the payment options and the conditions listed above. When the supplier confirms the order, a contract between the buyer and supplier becomes effective. Prices are presented as regular prices and online prices. Regular prices are generally the retail prices recommended by the manufacturer or supplier. Online prices are discounted prices that are valid for purchases over the World Wide Web.

    Purchase procedure

    • The buyer submits an order and receives a notice stating that the order has been received. The buyer can view the status of the order at any time in the »My profile« section.
    • If the buyer does not cancel the order, the supplier will examine the order, check whether all items are available, and confirm the order or reject it. A reason must be provided for rejection.


  • The supplier prepares and ships the goods in the agreed-upon time period and informs the buyer via e-mail.

    Used products

    If you have registered, you may use your profile to sell used equipment at no additional charge. Enter the item description and upload a photograph.



    The buyer may exercise the warranty with the manufacturer or with an authorized service provider. A warranty certificate and a bill of sale are required.

    The manufacturer must perform all repairs covered by the warranty within 45 days of receiving the item. If this is not possible, the manufacturer must replace the item with an equivalent, flawless item.

    All items may be returned in compliance with terms listed by the manufacturer on the warranty certificate. The costs of returning an item that is in warranty are not covered by the buyer.

    User opinions / comments

    User comments are allowed so that everyone can state his or her opinion of the Sloveniashop online store. You may praise the web page, submit various comments, criticize the page, make suggestions …


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